1. B+nd will be given each( including sound check)
2. Songs of +ny l+ngu+ge is permitted .
3. Drum kit will be provided
4. No PROGRAMMED stuff is allowed.
5. No accompaniment in keyboard / synthesisers
6. Maximum of 8 members are allowed in a band .
7. All genres are accepted .
 ... ..... GC-IDOLS .....

1.Prelims are online. Three minutes video should be sent to gusac
2. One instrument is allowed .
3. Songs of any genre are allowed .
4. Only langu+ges of Hindi ,English , Telugu and Tamil songs are allowed Solo
 dance criteria
1. Time limit 3-4min
2. Judging will be b+sed oninnovation, creativity and style.
4. Tracks should be brought in pendrive.

Group dance criteria :
1. Time limit 6-7min
2. Maximum group is of 8-10 members
3. Judging based on creativity, innovation and style
4. Tracks in pendrive

Faces Two competitions Stage play And Mono act(Solo Act)

Stage play rules :
Minimum 3 members , Maximum any.
Time limit : 15 mins

Mono act rules:
Only one member is allowed to  perform.
Time limit: 5 mins